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Overnight Summer Camp for Girls

    There is no better experience than overnight summer camp for girls. All over the US, girls of all ages enjoy the unique opportunity of adventure and personal growth. There are many benefits from the overnight summer camp experience. The greatest of these comes from personal growth while being "away from home" at an overnight summer camp for girls learning responsibility, teamwork, and growing in confidence.

Camp is a great way for kids to have fun and learn new things. This summer, overnight summer camp for girls is the perfect way to get your daughter ready for school.


The camps partnered with Youth Adventures are designed to give kids a fun and enriching experience that prepares them to be responsible, make independent decisions and work as a team. Our campers are not only learning these life skills but so much more. They are being introduced to traditional camp experiences like campfire circles, hiking and swimming, the world of art, music and dance, sports and team building activities like baseball, soccer and cheerleading as well as outdoor life skills, leadership training and even culinary arts. No one has to be left out! Overnight summer camp for girls provides life-changing experiences that foster personal growth. Through immersive experiences, service, and stewardship of the natural environment, it is our mission to provide children with the skills and abilities to contribute to the betterment of the world. 

Our Partner Camps offer several weeks of overnight summer camp for girls with many tuition levels and schedule options. These carefully selected camps, strive to meet the ever-changing needs and challenges faced by today’s girls in a kind and caring community. Youth Adventures is here to help you find the right overnight summer camp for your child.

Climbing wall at Overnight Summer Camp for Girls
Friends at overnight summer camp for girls
Horses at overnight summer camp for girls
Swimming at Overnight Summer Camp for Girls
walden group pose 4th july.jpg

Should EVERY girl go to a overnight summer camp for girls?

In a word . . . "No".

     If a child is combative, resentful of authority, tends to endanger themselves or others, bullies or fights with peers, then this child is NOT ready for overnight-summer-camp.

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